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No knead wholemeal spelt bread – version two!

Ok, so here I am again. Second post. I thought I’d try the wholemeal spelt bread recipe again with less water to see if I could get a loaf with a bit more ability to stand up for itself (the last one was a bit flat remember). I always love a loaf with a bit more lift.

The recipe was exactly the same as the first version, but with less water. This is what I did this time:

No knead wholemeal spelt bread  (version 2, with lift)

3 cups wholemeal organic spelt flour

1.5 tsp salt

0.25 tsp instant yeast

1.25 cups warm water (might have even been a teeny bit less than this)

0.25 tsp red wine vinegar

METHOD (see my first post for a fuller version, this one will get you by though)

  1. Mix together flour, salt and instant yeast with a whisk in a medium sized bowl big enough to hold the dough at double its original size.
  2. Add vinegar to warm water then mix these with dry ingredients until combined. It does not matter if the mixing is not perfect, just mix it up till it’s fairly well combined.
  3. Then cover the bowl with a plate or a baking tray and let rise at room temperature for 4 hours or until doubled in size.
  4. This time after initial fermentation, I tipped it onto my floured table (in one piece again), flattened it out with my hands and folded it like a letter into itself. Then I kind of rolled it/shaped it into a tight log shape and placed it into a banneton for the final rise (see the pictures below).
  5. I let this one rise for an hour before inverting it onto non-stick baking paper and baking as per the last loaf in a very hot oven (pizza stone and steel bowl method – see last post) for 30 minutes with bowl cover and 5 minutes with the bowl off. As the pictures and video below show, it turned out a bit taller than the last loaf but with smaller holes (a ‘tighter crumb’ to use the bread head lingo).

This loaf tasted spectacular, as did the last one, and I was happy with the shape of it. Next time I would leave it a bit longer for the final rise, just to inflate that extra bit more before going into the oven. This would have increased it’s overall size as well as opening up the crumb. I also slashed this loaf before putting it into the oven, which you can see in the photos. Slashing with a serrated knife gives the dough more chance to open up and get bigger once it’s in the oven. Some overproofed doughs deflate if they are slashed, others need it otherwise they burst on their own creating big irregular cracks in the crust, which can be a nice effect as well. So many options!

Here are the pics, and my first ever (don’t laugh, it may be my last) youtube video.


This bread was folded/shaped and placed in a banneton lined with semolina flour. You could plonk it on a piece of non-stick baking paper and place it in a bowl to rise if you like, it doesn’t matter really, just depends on your kit. Always cover it for the rising period so the skin doesn’t dry out. I also rolled this shaped dough in semolina to give it a nice crispy gritty crust. Yum!


And here it is, turned out of the banneton, slashed and ready to go into the hot oven (remember as hot as you can get it! At least 250 degrees C). I just slide this off a peel or bread board onto the pizza stone, but you could use the paper to pick it up and plop into a preheated casserole, as per the last recipe and Jim Lahey’s no knead bread method.

Well as it turns out, you are all saved from my dodgy ‘youtubing’ after all. I couldn’t link to the clip for some reason, so here are a few snapshots to give you an idea.

the bread

Here is the finished loaf. A bit taller than the last one.

cutting it

Here I am, having a hack.

Snapshot 2 (1-11-2013 12-09 PM)

And finally, the reveal! Not a great quality shot, but you get the idea.


Aaah, the best part about making bread. I enjoyed this one for breakfast with vegemite and avocado (only an Australian could love that combo).


Wow! Second post was about 3 days faster than the first one!

Happy baking 🙂


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