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Quick vegan snag burger

Quick vegan snag burger

Quick vegan snag burger

This burger (well it’s a sandwich really) is a great example of how you can make a really great quick meal from not much at all if you make your own bread and have a fresh loaf on hand. I made this wholemeal loaf in the morning, then at night we just cooked up some Sanitarium vegie BBQ sausages, some onion and put a few sauces and salad ingredients together and voila! Vegan snag burgers! I have to say though the bread was very soft and fresh – and it really has to be for this kind of thing – otherwise you can toast it, which is nice too.

What we loaded on..

Pan fried vegie snags, split lengthwise, 2 per burger

Onions fried with the sausages (a la Australian ‘sausage sizzle’)

Home made no fat (and really good) vegan mayo, using Bryanna Clark Grogan’s genius recipe (which I always have in the fridge)

Home made vegan ‘melty cheddar’ spread, thanks again Bryanna Clark Grogan!

Lettuce, tomato, beetroot slices out of a can

BBQ sauce, mustard, whatever sauces you prefer

Method: Very uncomplicated. Put it all together however you wish. Eat with gusto!


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