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Why bread makers should be ‘op shop’ hounds


See these two rather humble baking pots? I found them both in charity shops in the northern suburbs of Brisbane last Saturday, one for $6 and the other $7. Not so interesting maybe? Maybe not, but if you haven’t already discovered this you can make THE BEST bread with the best crust and volume when you bake it within a casserole dish or other baking container, and these two are perfect. These are great for their size, I can fit them both in my oven at the same time and therefore make two loaves at once (I used to use a bigger pot that prohibited this). These are also great shapes, one round for a boule and one longer for a torpedo/batard loaf.

This is what they produced – I just had to share my joy 🙂

from the oval shaped pot

from the oval shaped pot


Nevermind the paper stuck to the bottom of these, that was a failed experiment in using the wrong kind of paper with the wrong kind of oil (stick to the Gladbake is my recommendation). These were fantastic loaves in every way. And ‘no knead’ Jim Lahey method of course. Recipe to come soon, will be called something like ‘if you are going to make bread, and you want to do it fast, bake this.’ Well something along those lines anyway.


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