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When your cat loves your bread as much as you do


Our very clever cat Kevin loves nothing more than to seek out bread (or any other food for that matter), have a little feast, then walk away. Well except if it’s a corn cob, then he will eat the entire thing. We think the poor fellow half starved as a stray for a few years before he came to us, and so his survival instincts to eat what he can, when he can, are probably not something we can influence. So this little post is in homage to Kevin and his clever ways, and to us, for loving him even when he’s chewed the end off a loaf of bread or eaten half your noodles out of the strainer.

Once bread is cool, it is easy to put away out of reach, but when it’s just out of the oven that’s not so easy. I came up with this idea to protect the fresh bread while it cools, and so far it’s been a success. I bought this wardrobe drawer from Bunnings for $6 and it works a treat! Much better to lock the bread up than the cat.


And here’s one that didn’t get away…


It’s a hard life…



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