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Greek fava


This post is dedicated to my friend Jassy Watson, of Goddess Garden and Studio and her mother Ramona for inspiring me to make this recipe and post it as well. Jassy is a visionary artist and teacher with an amazing passion for and knowledge of all things earthy, creative, connected and divinely feminine (I’m not sure if any description of Jassy can do her justice). Jassy and Ramona went on pilgrimage to Greece in 2012 to explore the sacred sites of Crete and their goddess connections, and when I visited them recently I was lucky to share a meal that included this delicious yet simple traditional Greek dish, prepared by Ramona.

My own family came together to celebrate my father’s birthday last weekend, so I had the perfect excuse to make my own Fava. I didn’t have Ramona’s recipe, so I searched the internet and came up with a version of my own.

Here it is:

  1. Rinse 2 cups of yellow split peas and place in a large saucepan with one roughly chopped onion, one large bay leaf and enough water to go an inch or two above the peas. Bring to the boil, skimming any scum off the top for five minutes, then reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about 40 minutes until the peas become very mushy.
  2. Once the peas are mushy, remove the bay leaf and add 2 cloves of grated garlic, then mash or blend (stick blender does the trick) until very smooth.
  3. Let the mix cool a bit, then whisk or beat in 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1-2 tablespoons of red or white wine vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. I used white pepper in this batch because it doesn’t stand out so much in the pale creamy end mixture.20131124_115551
  4. Once you are happy with the final seasoning, cover and place in the fridge until needed. I think the Fava tastes better a few days after it’s made, but I wouldn’t keep it more than a week unless it’s frozen.
  5. When you are ready to serve, spread it out onto a shallow dish and top with chopped red onion, tomato, capers, olives and a drizzle of olive oil if you like.
  6. Enjoy it with bread, crackers, raw vegies for dipping, whatever you fancy or have around. Very yum!

Such a great recipe, and also a good one to freeze. Make a big batch and freeze it in serving sizes you can use, then when you are ready defrost a portion, give it a good mix and top with fresh toppings. Yummo!


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