recycling and other ideas

Ten things to do with empty 1kg flour bags


  1. Shake them out, fold them up, shove them in your bag/backpack/pocket.
  2. Take them to a bulk food shop (eg. Flannery’s or Simply Good in Brisbane) and fill them up with new goodies (flour, walnuts, dried cranberries, Belgian chocolate, nutritional yeast – whatever).
  3. Bring them home again and repeat steps 1 and 2 or…
  4. Use them to scoop your kitty poop into, because the smell is always worse in plastic.
  5. Take them to the fruit shop and use them instead of plastic bags. The register operators won’t mind, they’ll think you’re quirky.
  6. Dry seeds in them. Place flower heads inside, peg the bag up somewhere dry and breezy, give it a shake once in a while and after a week or two the seeds will be ready to clean and store.
  7. Grow seeds in them. Throw a bit of potting mix in the bottom, push in some seeds and water. The high tops of the bags will protect the young seedlings and when they are ready to plant out the bag can be torn away and composted. Good for tomatoes, spring onions, asian greens (easy to grow).
  8. Rip them up and put them into your compost or just shove them under the mulch in your garden (ie. recycle at home rather than in an industrial plant).
  9. Keep one in your purse in case of hyperventilation.
  10. Draw on a face and have a puppet show, funnier with friends than on your own.

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