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Bangers and mash (and a word on the developmental stages of a vegan diet)

20131203_201228Australian style ‘bangers and mash’ was a regular when I was a kid, and I loved it. My parents always made the best gravy (which in retrospect could have made me love any meal underneath it). But since I started eating vegan I haven’t really missed this kind of meal, because: (a) it seems way too ‘meaty’ for someone who really doesn’t want to eat animal flesh or products anymore, and (b) because there are so many other amazing things to make and learn about when you become vegan, that you really don’t care about your old way of eating any more, and you’re quite relieved to be leaving it behind if you’re truthful. But after almost a year of enjoying an obviously plant based diet, I decided to branch out and see if I could veganise some of my old favourite ‘meaty’ meals, for a bit of variety, and to expand my repertoire of dishes my omnivorous loved ones might like to try when they visit. I’d say there’s a bit of sentimentality in all of this too, sentimental fool that I am.

I have to say the first time I made seitan, or ‘wheat meat’ I felt a bit uncomfortable because it was very much like animal meat, but I’ve since learned to control my imagination and it will probably be on regular rotation now. This meal really tasted like the ‘bangers and mash’ of my childhood, but so much better. Here’s what I did:

  • Made a batch of Vegan Dad’s homemade sausages, then lightly fried a couple in a pan (the rest went into the freezer, still wrapped in their steaming foil).
  • Steamed some potatoes with the skins on, then mashed them with soymilk and a bit of Nuttelex.
  • Picked some snake beans from the garden and steamed them with some corn (note to self, next time put the beans in at the last minute, these ones were overcooked).
  • Made up some gravy in a little non-stick frypan using Gravox Supreme Gravy powder (yep, this one is vegan), with some fried red cherry tomatoes I found growing in an alleyway down the road, and half a red onion.
  • A lot of the magic is in the gravy, as it always was.

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