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Vegan Dad’s homemade sausages


I cannot tell you how good these sausages are, and how easy they are to make. I can’t reproduce Isa’s or Vegan Dad’s recipe here without permission, so you’ll have to go to his blog to see how the magic happens, but I tell you they are worth every minute of effort to make, and that’s not that many minutes! I also love how adaptable they are, you can use the basic ingredients and experiment with flavours to your heart’s content. They are incredibly good, fresh tasting and have a very ‘meaty’ texture (which is a bit weird at first if you’re not used to eating vegie meat products, like I wasn’t). They are streets ahead of anything you can buy in a supermarket.

So check out recipes on Vegan Dad blog and The Post Punk Kitchen and make yourself some vegan bangers. Whip up some fluffy whole wheat rolls , squirt on some tomato sauce, mustard and a bit of vegie mayo and dive in!



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