Australian measures

Many of the recipes I look at are from the US or Canada, or the UK. It gets so confusing! And I wonder sometimes why some recipes fail to live up to my expectations. The info here is very helpful, I have this table printed out and stuck inside my pantry door. I consult it all the time, and try to check which country any recipes are coming from so I know what I’m converting. For some dishes a little difference doesn’t matter, but for many it matters a lot! It might also help readers from outside Australia to convert my recipes into their usual measures.

Thanks Wikipedia for this table, it’s been a great help.

Some common volume measures in English-speaking countries, in millilitres (mL)

Teaspoon 5 5 4.93
Dessertspoon 10
Tablespoon 20 15 15 14.79
Fluid ounce 28.41 30 29.57


284.1 240 236.59
Pint 570 568.26 473.18
Quart 1136.52 946.35
Gallon 4546.09 3785.41

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